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Corporate Finance & Balance Sheet Structuring
Key Content
  • Corporate strategy and its financial consequences

  • Identification of operating value drivers and success factors

  • Value creation strategies

  • Return on equity versus cost of equity

  • Economic profit as criterion for investment decisions

  • Identification of individually relevant cash flow drivers and critical corporate performance ratios to manage and supervise corporate success

  • Debt capacity and its dynamic development

  • Primary and secondary sources of repayment

  • ​Corporate and financial projections

  • Principles of solid and sustainable balance sheet and credit structures

  • The banker’s perspective – arguments for solid finance structures


Knowledge about:

  • Relevance of facts, figures and developments for banks

  • Documents / information demanded by banks and its basis

  • Methods to determine and structure the financial needs of the own company

Which results in:

  • Improved negotiation position facing the banks

  • Convincing argumentation for tailor-made finance structures for own company facing the banks  

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