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For Corporations
Corporate Analysis and Finance
  • Client-specific training events in terms of content and form

  • Extensive international experience enables the imparting of global best practice in financial company analysis

  • Target group: employees in the departments

    • Finance

    • Accounting

    • Controlling

    • Accounts Receivable Management

  • Content focus

    • Annual financial statement analysis

    • Finance (re-) structuring

    • Structuring in turnaround and restructuring phases

    • Company valuation in the context of acquisitions / divestments

    • Development and application of the program content based on case studies

Financial Client Risk Analysis
  • Target group

    • Companies that sell with a payment term and thus take on a risk of receivables

  • Content focus

    • Structured, time-efficient process of financial year-end analysis

    • Determination of appropriate exposure limits and payment terms

Corporate Finance
  • Principles of good, sustainably stable corporate financing & balance sheet structuring as well as solid credit structuring

  • Assessment of the structure and sufficiency of existing finances

  • Optimization of the horizontal and vertical financing structure

  • Preparation of negotiations with external and equity investors

Corporate Valuation
  • Marketable valuation methods

  • Book value, liquidation value, replacement value, market value multipliers, DCF valuation, MVA valuation

  • Critical comparisons of evaluation methods

  • Recoverability of assets / liquidity risks liabilities, book value vs. fair value

  • Assessment of intangible assets (e.g. goodwill)

  • From evaluation to structuring (and vice versa)

  • Company valuation in practice

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