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For reasons of confidentiality and due to contractual confidentiality agreements customary in banking, we cannot publish the names of our customers here. If you are looking for direct reference contact with our customers, we will be happy to arrange this. Please contact us.


Here are some of the participants' voices:

Teilnehmer 1

"Mr. Korn knows how to present complex issues in an understandable form."

Teilnehmer 2

“The cases brought in by Mr. Korn are very differentiated. This is not a stripped-off pulp that serves the solution straight away on the tray, but real thinking. Class!"

Teilnehmer 3


“Mr. Korn has the gift of conveying complex content in a very entertaining and understandable way. Despite the complex, challenging subject area, Mr. Korn managed to keep my attention with him at all times thanks to his personal, very personable and appreciative manner. It was an all-round successful specialist seminar with a high level of practical relevance and an exceptional trainer. Such seminars should be held more often. Very good."

Teilnehmer 4


"There was a common thread, no idling, it was pleasant and easy to follow the seminar, the time passed very quickly."

Teilnehmer 5


"A very competent trainer who knew how to prepare the complex topics in such a way that they were conveyed in a comprehensible manner."

Teilnehmer 6


“Mr. Korn is an outstanding trainer with heart and experience. Good modulation. Technical expert. Varied design of the seminar. "

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