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For Banks
Holistic Corporate Analysis
  • Client-specific training events in terms of content and form

  • Comprehensive international experience enables the imparting of global best practice in holistic company analysis

  • Trainer activity in Germany, Europe and Asia

  • Typically sequentially structured training units

    • Learning phase to convey the content, methods and skills in

      • Risk and business potential analysis

      • Balance sheet and transaction structuring

      • Corporate finance

      • Company valuation

    • Application phase for the practice and realization of additional business potential to ensure the investment character of the training measure

      • Creation of short meaningful analysis exposées

      • Preparation of strategic customer meetings and presentations

  • Alignment of the training programs to the target customer groups

    • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)

    • Large corporations and multinational corporations (MNC)

    • Transport

    • Shipping

    • Real estate company

    • Insurance

    • Banks

Risk and Business Opportunity Identification 
  • Techniques and content for performing a high quality and meaningful risk or business potential analysis

  • Applicable to companies of any size, industry and complexity

  • Consideration of the accounting regulations HGB, UGB, IFRS, US-GAAP

  • Quick analysis (<15 minutes, <5 minutes)

  • Conversion of the business potential analysis into strategic customer discussions and presentations

Balance Sheet and Transaction Structuring
  • Principles of optimal horizontal and vertical financing structures

  • Structuring of simple to complex transactions (growth financing, LBO, MBO, loan-financed recapitalizations)

  • Plausibility check and sensitization of funding applications and presented structures

  • Plausibility check, sensitization and break-even consideration of corporate planning

  • Group financing (holding company vs. operating company)

  • Assessment of the attractiveness of financing structures for all investors

  • Preparation of communication with investors, presentation of benefits, preparation of financing exposées

Corporate Finance
  • Corporate financing from the perspective of lenders and equity providers

  • "The CEO / CFO Agenda" - discussion partners on an equal footing

  • Assess the principles of corporate financing (financing options, capital procurement, balance sheet structuring, company mergers, value creation strategies)

Corporate Valuation 
  • Marketable valuation methods

    • Book value, liquidation value, replacement value, market value multipliers, DCF valuation, MVA valuation

    • Critical comparisons of evaluation methods

  • Recoverability of assets / liquidity risks liabilities, book value vs. fair value

  • Assessment of intangible assets (e.g. goodwill)

  • From evaluation to structuring (and vice versa)

  • Company valuation in practice

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