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Risk and Business Opportunity Identification
Key Content
  • Improved assessment of client’s future financial performance 

  • Identification and realization of incremental business potential

  • Methods and techniques to determine sustainable future cash flows and determination of the payout period of interest bearing debt

  • Early identification and pro-active handling of (early-) warning signals

  • Quick Checks

  • Working capital management

  • Cash flow analysis and cash flow drivers

  • Sensitization of corporate projections

  • Debt capacity and its practical application

  • Custom-made loan agreements (covenants)

  • Differentiation of debt and equity risks in a transaction

  • Conversion of analytical conclusions into profound risk and reward minded credit underwriting decisions

  • Corporate valuation and consequences for good credit structures

  • Alternatives of change of ownership and its financing

  • Practical application of corporate finance concepts to position the bank as financial analyst and advisor. 

  • Full utilization of business and revenue potential, maximization of share of wallet

  • Profound risk and reward minded credit decisions through holistic corporate analysis

  • Application of value creating balance sheet and credit structuring

  • Practical and risk relevant knowledge of corporate valuation

  • Improved credit risk quality and as a result, reduction in loan loss provisions/write-offs

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