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Face-to-Face & Online

Our seminars are individually tailored to the wishes and needs of each client, both in terms of content and with regard to the desired learning path.

Face-to-Face Training


  • Interactive learning experience

  • Typical group sizes up to 20 participants, for meetings of company analyzes or preparation of strategic customer discussions usually up to 5 participants

  • Preparatory "self-study guides"

  • "Lessons learned" rounds after the customer meeting

  • Certifications possible

Live Online Training


  • Preparatory Self Study Guides

  • Any desired video conference system (e.g. WebEx, GoToMeeting, MS Teams, Zoom)

  • Professional studio environment

  • Interactive quizzes and surveys

  • Electronic distribution of the seminar documents "just-in-time"

  • Certifications possible

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