Corporate Valuation

For Banks

Profound knowledge of valuation relevant for bankers, since

  • It increases advisory competency and as a result cross-sell

  • Understanding of price and value helps to avoid value-exceeding investments and therefore helps to arrive at better credit decisions

  • Improves the ability to assess corporate valuations prepared by third parties in the context of financing the transfer of ownership of companies


& Aims

Key Contents
  • Overview of market established valuation methods for valuation of assets, investments, real estate and companies with focus on:

    • Discounted Cash Flows (DCF)

    • Accurate computation of Free Cash Flows

    • Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

    • Terminal Value

  • Critical comparison of different valuation methods

  • ​Application of content through valuation of real life examples (a comparison with real valuation results of actual corporate valuations increases the participant’s confidence in own valuation capabilities.)

  • Alternatives of transfer of ownership of companies:

    • Leveraged Share Buy-Back

    • LBO/MBO

    • Leveraged Recapitalization

  • Profound valuation knowledge

  • Avoiding of value-exceeding purchase prices of investments / acquisitions

  • More competent assessment of valuations prepared by third parties

  • More competent advisor

  • Realization of attractive revenue potentials