Corporate Finance  & Balance Sheet Structuring

For Corporations

Often companies do not receive the appropriate levels of debt in terms of amount and tenor (e.g. insufficient working capital facilities, interest rate and refinancing risks through maturity mismatches, lack of support during growth periods) or do not know how to determine them.

For this very reason, the seminar teaches the key principles of sound, sustainable and stable corporate finance as well as balance sheet and credit structures.

Key Contents
  • Corporate strategy and its financial consequences

  • Identification of operating value drivers and success factors

  • Value creation strategies

  • Return on equity versus cost of equity

  • Economic profit as criterion for investment decisions

  • Identification of individually relevant cash flow drivers and critical corporate performance ratios to manage and supervise corporate success

  • Debt capacity and its dynamic development

  • Primary and secondary sources of repayment

  • Corporate and financial projections

  • Principles of solid and sustainable balance sheet and credit structures

  • The banker’s perspective – arguments for solid finance structures

& Aims


Knowledge about:

  • Relevance of facts, figures and developments for banks

  • Documents / information demanded by banks and its basis

  • Methods to determine and structure the financial needs of the own company

Which results in:

  • Improved negotiation position vis-a-vis banks

  • Convincing argumentation for tailor-made finance structures for own company vis-a-vis banks