Corporate Finance
"The CEO/CFO Agenda"

For Banks

The program “Corporate Finance – The CEO/CFO Agenda” examines and discusses all relevant aspects of corporate finance from the perspective of corporate and financial management.

The participant can apply and competently discuss corporate finance concepts (group financing, raising of capital, balance sheet structuring, mergers and acquisitions, value creating strategies) from the perspective of the client’s corporate and financial management.


& Aims

Key Contents
  • Corporate strategy and its financial consequences

  • Identification of operating value drivers and success factors

  • Value creation strategies

  • Return on equity versus cost of equity

  • Economic profit as basis for investment decisions

  • Identification of individually relevant cash flow drivers and critical corporate performance ratios to manage and supervise corporate success

  • Debt capacity and its practical application

  • Purpose of loans and sources of repayment

  • Primary and secondary sources of repayment

  • Corporate and financial projections

  • Principles of solid and sustainable balance sheet and credit structuring


With the program “Corporate Finance – The CEO/CFO-Agenda” the banker will significantly improve his ability to position himself at all hierarchical levels of the client as skilled and well informed business thinker, financial professional, business strategist, financial partner and advisor and experienced solutions provider.