Corporate Analysis

For Banks

Korn & Korn has extensive international experience – both as trainer as well as part of an extensive international bank career – with regards to effective teaching of business risk analysis and corporate finance programs. These programs are being taught by Korn & Korn in Germany, Europe and in Asia. In this way they convey up-to-date “International Best Practice” with regards to corporate analysis and the necessary knowledge and skills.

The relationship managers and risk managers are being introduced to the principles of holistic corporate analysis, after which the program advances to an extensive coverage of value-based corporate finance and transaction structuring. Based on this the understanding and skills are being taught that convey how this content can be applied to their own customers.

The program is being taught by means of case studies and offered in custom-made versions for the target client groups “small and medium sized companies“, “large corporations“, “multinational companies“, “shipping“, “transportation“, “real estate“ and “banks“.