Balance Sheet &
Transaction Structuring

For Banks

The program “Balance Sheet & Transaction Structuring“ teaches techniques and knowledge to structure simple to complex balance sheets and transactions.

By means of case studies critical principles and aspects for a successful balance sheet and transaction structure are being discussed in detail.


& Aims

Key Contents
  • Transaction structure: generation and use of cash flows within a structuring

  • Identification of sources of repayment

  • Financing groups of companies - holding versus operating company

  • determination of risks which can be borne by debt holders and which should be borne by equity holders

  • optimal balance sheet structure

  • impact of collateral 

  • transaction structuring of change of ownership of companies


Knowledge about:

  • Relevance of facts, figures and developments for banks

  • Documents / information demanded by banks and its basis

  • Methods to determine and structure the financial needs of the own company

Which results in:

  • Improved negotiation position vis-a-vis banks

  • Convincing argumentation for tailor-made finance structures for own company vis-a-vis banks