Norbert Korn

Norbert Korn is founding principal of Korn & Korn, Holzkirchen/Germany. Norbert Korn has designed and delivered training in corporate analysis, corporate finance and corporate valuation to bankers of both multinational and regional banks in Germany, Europe and Asia. 

His academic education at the Bank Academy Frankfurt was completed by a study at the Graduate Business School at Stanford University, California/USA.

For a large international bank he became Director, Head of Relationship Management, in Indonesia. In this capacity he was responsible during the Asian crisis for relationship management and product delivery of commercial banking and investment banking products to corporate clients – large Indonesian companies and local subsidiaries of multinational firms.

In 2000 Norbert Korn became Managing Director, Regional Head Asia Financial Institutions, in Singapore. In this role he was responsible for the relationship management with local, regional and international institutional clients in Asia. With his value-creation oriented analysis and marketing concepts he was guest speaker at various industry events including The Asian Banker Summit, Strategic Intelligence, The Indonesian Economic Forecast. In 2002 Norbert Korn became member of the Management Board for South Germany of an international bank.

Korn teaches in German and English.

Beate Korn is shareholder of Korn & Korn, Holzkirchen/Germany. Besides being your main telephone contact, she prepares all the case studies and teaching material required for our seminars and trainings.       She also looks after logistics, travel planning and corporate accounting.

After her professional training, Beate Korn spent several years as risk analyst and underwriter with two state-owned banks, a regional bank in Southern Germany as well as a multi-national Bank. 

Beate Korn


Values &

Norbert Korn became trainer by passion. At the age of 39, he realized that he is a better teacher than banker. Despite his well established role as Managing Director of a global bank he left this position to pursue his "calling" to teach his passion: provide the tools and excitement to understand the corporate story behind the financial numbers of an annual report, thereby deriving and understanding the corporate history and its probable future developments, its credit risks and financial challenges going forward.

His second focus is on turning the corporate analysis into value-creating advisory sessions and client calls, which bankers can use for financial advisory as well as the marketing of true financial solutions. 

Prime objective of Korn & Korn is to deliver a product which enables its clients to quickly turn training expenses into a profitable investment. Either through a significant rationalization of loan loss provisioning requirements or by increasing the top line through improved marketing successes. 

A fairly consistent client structure since 2003 is proof of being successful in delivering this objective.